Impact Outsource Warns of Career Scams in Canada

Impact Outsource CEO, Sophie Winslow, warns of many prospective job seekers that are being affected by scams. The latest: companies attempting to trick prospective employees into parting with their money.

“The problem is that it is costing many people not only to waste their time and money, but to also walk away from other great opportunities,” says Sophie Winslow, CEO, Impact Outsource. “There are many opportunities across the country that will provide anyone with success and personal development. They key is to find out which companies are credible and which ones are scams.”

Researching a prospective place of employment, whether it is by calling the company directly and asking for information or online, will ensure the legitimacy of the business. There are a few key areas that one should cover when researching a prospective place of employment: ensuring the company has real customers, clients and products; ensuring the position advertisement is coming from a credible, well-know career site; ensure that you will not have to invest any money; lastly, arranging an informational interview to gain a better sense of what the company offers, what the work environment is like, and who you could potentially be working with.

“If there are any promises made in regards to how much money you can make from what amounts to a few hours of work per week, do not believe a word until it is proven,” says Jason McClelland, Managing Director, Impact Outsource. “You only get paid big money for working hard.”

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