HOT TOPIC: 3 Marketing Trends Impact Outsource Feels are Important for 2011

Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, service or brand. By applying proper marketing techniques and creating brand awareness a company can strengthen the brand and drive sales for the business.

Here are a a few marketing trends that Impact Outsource feels are important for companies to follow in 2011:


When you communicate by telling a story, you influence people by helping them decide for themselves what the truth is.

Why is storytelling so important?

  1. People can relate to brands through stories. Stories are humanizing. People connect with stories. Therefore, it is important for real people to appear in stories.
  2. People remember details and messages more effectively through stories. Storytelling helps people create images in their minds that “stick” better than just talking. Adding character, personality and life to a story will increase the likelihood a message will be retained.
  3. Storytelling conveys the unique evolution of a brand. Emotions play a key role in decision-making: connecting with people in a way that moves them is more important than sharing a list of product benefits.

Field specialists at Impact Outsource connect with its target audience by telling compelling, real stories embedded with key words and messages that aim to invoke emotion in potential consumers.

Engagement (is not a fad)

Marketers will continue to use engagement methods like the right platform, program, message, and experience, but there is only one objective for the future: BRAND ENGAGEMENT.

Through storytelling, Impact Outsource is able to engage its audience and at the same time manage its brand reputation through such practices.

(The Return of) Direct Marketing

As it turns out, direct response marketing is still the most effective way to test a company’s marketing campaigns. It is, essentially, the same concept of great salesmanship. Great marketing is great one-one-one sales focusing on finding out what customers want: urgency, desire and needs.

As Impact Outsource is a direct marketing (and sales) company, this technique is of great value to the company. As consumers provide feedback to field specialists, Impact Outsource is then able to find out what it is consumers are looking for in a product, service and brand.

So why does following these trends matter? … because of BRAND REPUTATION.

Reputation plays an increasing role in keeping organizations honest and forcing them to take definitive actions, rather than simply making public statements.

These are some techniques that Impact Outsource will be following and monitoring very closely in 2011. Transparency is key to building a successful brand. Through storytelling, engagement and using direct marketing techniques, Impact Outsource will strive to build on its brand.


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