Impact Outsource heads to Montreal for the Grand Prix!

Leaders from Impact Outsource had the opportunity to take a trip to Montreal for the Grand Prix June 10 – 12 to work for one of its clients, BMO Bank of Montreal.

Below is the experience to be shared:

A pleasant, amusing, and thought-provoking six- hour drive to Montreal turned out to be a truly unforgettable experience. To assume that working in a neighbouring province would be one in the same as our home in Ontario was definitely a misjudgement.  Montreal opened new doors of strength and opportunity for each and every one of us.

    Our trip to Montreal fell on the weekend of the Grand Prix.  People from all over the world swarmed, crowded, and paraded the streets.  Lucky for us these crowds made it easy in the sense that running out of people to pitch was never an issue in Montreal.  However, these very same crowds were nowhere near a typical day at work in Toronto.  Many people did not speak English and many were so intensely occupied by the days’ activities that all five senses were visually, physically, and mentally distracted. Everyday was a challenge and everyday we were forced to find new ways to grasp the attention of the crowd; something we successfully achieved! 

    Rejection is a fact of life.  It also happens to be a large fact in the world of Direct Marketing.  However, rejection by hundreds of people a day is something not many can withstand.  The amount of people in Montreal who either did not hear, did not listen, did not speak the language, or who simply did not care was beyond belief.  Being able to handle rejection time and time again was definitely an obstacle our team was able to overcome.  Rejection is no longer seen as a setback, but rather a fact of life that has made us that much stronger.  Being able to handle rejection speaks volumes to the type of characters we have developed.

    Montreal is without a doubt a beautiful city.  Although the first two days of work provided accommodating weather conditions, Mother Nature was not so kind towards the end of the trip.  The nature of direct marketing is simple when it comes to weather. In fact, the weather creates a popular topic of discussion at our office.  Although Jason (Managing Director) suggests ‘perfect selling weather’ everyday, regardless of a tornado watch or severe heat warning, it definitely plays a factor.  No matter what province, city, or country you are in, it is the people who can withstand any weather conditions that survive. And yes, our team survived!

    Our team was representing BMO Bank of Montreal and therefore it was our duty to outshine any other promotion nearby.  One can only imagine how difficult this was.  Compare our four days of work in Montreal to stopping a herd of elephants, or perhaps finding a needle in a haystack.  Either way you look at it, picking out the positive people in crowds of hundreds at a time seemed next to impossible.  Our blood, sweat, and tears went into everyday, every hour and every minute to ensure we performed our best.  There is one thing for sure, if we did not have the support and dedication of one another, finding those needles and stopping those elephants would have been useless.

    “Teamwork” defines our trip to Montreal without a doubt.  From morning wake-up calls to the boys room upstairs, to purchasing sweets and Red Bull as motivation in the field, to lending a shoulder to cry on or ear to listen.  We can all agree we took part in motivating, healing, and celebrating the highs and lows of each day we shared.  Whether it was Pierre’s remark, “How you doin’ Captain? You Good?”, or perhaps Jeff’s freakishly similar imitation of the “Airmiles” man.  The enthusiasm, laughter and persistence we shared drove us to the end no matter the weather, the rejection, or crowds of people we encountered on a daily basis.

    Montreal will be a trip to remember. We learned to put emotion behind us and strength ahead of us.  We learned when to lead from the front and how to follow from the back. For every strength there is a weakness, for every negative there is always a positive.  Montreal shed light on our future and opened doors to new and exciting opportunities for all of us.

Impact Outsource prides itself on leadership, determination and hard work. From the above entry, you can see how hard it is leaders at Impact Outsource work and how proud they are of their job.


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